• “Without a doubt the classiest photographers I’ve ever seen!”
  • “They really are the best, happiest & most helpful people”
  • “We were absolutely blown away by David and Lyneth”
  • “They are just incredible!”


We like to capture your wedding day as if we’re telling a story and as such will spend the day blending in with your guests looking for beautiful, natural and honest moments, all as unobtrusively as possible. The end result is a visual legacy of timeless images that join together as a whole to create your very own narrative – from a perspective that will remind you of the things you loved and remember, but also the fleeting moments you were unaware even happened. 

All I can say is they are just incredible!
We loved every aspect of their ideas and were totally blown away with our pictures. We knew we had booked something special, they really are the best, happiest & most helpful people…they fitted in like they belonged in our family!! We have had so many people comment about our photos and love them for being so natural, which helps to see and remember all of those feelings throughout the day!
Our day was perfect and Mease Valley played a big part in that! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts….we hope to see you soon!
Thank you guys sooo much!! Can’t wait to look at the rest later, will drop you a line again soon but just had to let you know how amazing we think the pics are.
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